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My name is Jon Jacob. I am a professional coach accredited to the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Leaders, producers, and managers work with me to develop their strategic thinking, confidence, and creativity. I work with people in the arts, government, HE, broadcasting, and PR industries.

I am BBC-trained, where I also worked for 12 years. I have been practising professionally for four years.

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What is coaching?

  • facilitated one-to-one confidential conversation(s)
  • helps confront challenges, remove obstacles, and develop thinking
  • a thinking partnership between you and a critical ally
  • a unique experience not often easily found in the workplace

How can coaching help?

  • motivation and resilience
  • overcoming challenges or obstacles
  • changing behaviours
  • managing workload
  • strategic thinking
  • developing leadership
  • nagivating change
  • understanding others and developing communication skills

The kind of people I work with

  • executive board members
  • graduates, new starters and interns
  • producers, presenters, and performers
  • artists, writers, and musicians
  • team leaders, managers, and directors
  • civil servants, university administrators
  • coaches

You’ll need curiosity, playfulness, and a challenge or an obstacle. Openness and enthusiasm for change will be a boon.  A sense of humour will be very handy too. Don’t worry though, you’re not required to tell any jokes. 

How does a coaching session work?

We’re getting into the mechanics of it now, but simply:

  • a coaching session is around 90 minutes long
  • at the start you’ll outline what you’d like to discuss and think about
  • next we’ll explore the subject, identify obstacles and iron them out
  • by the end of the session you will have come up with solutions
  • then we’ll have a cup of tea

A good coaching session is like having a meeting with your perfect line manager. 

But, just so we’re all clear: when I’m coaching, I’m not telling you what the best solution is. I’m listening to you, supporting you, and challenging your thinking, so that you can come up with the solution that fits your needs.

Sometimes coaching is done through a series of regular sessions; sometimes its done on a session-by-session basis – it really depends on what’s being discussed. To determine this, I’d arrange with you a no-obligation meeting to discuss what you’re looking for. Sessions can be done face-to-face or over the phone. Video conferencing is also available. 

Me, my training, style, and professional experience

I was trained as a coach at the BBC on an Association for Coaching accredited course. I was trained by Liz McCann, Fiona Parashar, and Jane Saunders.

After completing my BBC training I supported senior managers, directors, editors, producers, team leaders and new starters in their professional development.

Skills, knowledge and impact I draw on in my work as a professional coach

Outside the BBC I have continued to work as a freelance coach working with government team leads, PR executives, musicians, business start-ups, arts professionals and higher education establishments. 

In 2017, I completed my International Coach Federation accreditation. 

Coaching ethics around client confidentiality mean I am unable to publically name the organisations I provide coaching services for.

Team Facilitation

I also work with teams to develop their confidence, skills, and communication skills.

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