Tabea Debus at the St John's Smith Square season launchon 29 June 2015

Unexpected musical discoveries at the St John’s Smith Square season launch this week

One of the real unexpected musical pleasures of this week was hearing Tabea Debus (above) perform Moritz Eggert’s Außer Atem for three recorders and one player at the St John’s Smith Square 2015/16 season launch on Monday.

Tabea, currently studying her Masters at the Royal Academy of Music is one  St John’s Smith Square’s Young Artists for 2015/16, and perform during the forthcoming season. It will be a treat to see her play.  The dexterity and agility she displayed during Eggert’s solo work made for a compelling performance.

Another surprise was earing Vierne’s Carillon de Westminster  played by organist David Titterington. Suitable music for what feels like a new central London venue for me, only 10 minutes away from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Vierne’s work was a surprise, transforming the ubiquitous London chimes into a contorted series of chord progressions which contrary to expectations still arrive at a euphoric conclusion.

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