Sky News HD and their on-screen graphics

I don’t often watch Sky News, but just this weekend I’ve found myself ditching the BBC News channel in favour of Sky’s expert mastery of on-screen graphics.

There was a time when the scrolling ticker and astons were garish. But now – possibly because of HD – the way in which the screen is given over to useful information is impressive. Of particular note for me is the right hand side of this particular shot. Some genuinely informative data is served in this right hand area of the screen including tweets, qutoes and readership statistics for the News of the Word over time.

Nice work.

Coulson vs. the BBC Academy

While I was working hard to get my certification on the BBC Academy‘s Lighting Safety course, former Conservative spin-doctor chappy and former NoW editor Andy Coulson was being released on bail from Lewisham Police Station.

Given that Lewisham Police Station is a ten-minute bike ride from home, I really rather wish I had been working at home today. The lighting safety course was good .. but really, I wouldn’t have minded getting some footage on my own doorstep.


Whoopsy Doodle

Sometimes there are technical problems which render broadcasts amusing for all the wrong reasons. Even though its wrong to mock an editorial mistake where at least one party may have been left feeling offended (not to mention those who must surely feel mortified for having let the mistake happen at all), I can’t help but post this video.

Clearly. There was no malicious intent in this error, just in case you’re thinking of conjuring some really mean and lazy journalism based on this one particular source.

Radio: Broadcasting House Sunday 5 June 2011


Great piece from David Loyn on today’s Broadcasting House, marginally out-done by the brilliantly simple, witty and informative piece on what happens when you listen to a live radio transmission of Big Ben chimes on Westminster Bridge. The chimes’ time bending properties have been proved. This is what Sunday mornings were made for.

An inspired tribute to Thomas Hardy in ‘The Only Way is Wessex’ segment too. Nice.

Thanks to Corrie Corfield for re-posting this picture from UK Parliament on Flickr showing the microphones used for the Radio 4 news bulletin chimes.