Mark-Anthony Turnage named patron of contemporary music ensemble Psappha

I’ll be completely upfront here. I wasn’t aware of Psappha – the Manchester-based contemporary music ensemble – until yesterday.

More the fool me for not being more aware of the UK cultural scene and not having done more research. I’ve certainly spent enough time ploughing my way through the British Music Yearbook and the Arts Council NPO list over the past twelve months. Not quite sure how this slipped through the net.

The contemporary music ensemble from Manchester announced yesterday that composer Mark-Anthony Turnage would be taking up the role following the death of Peter-Maxwell Davies in 2016.

What’s important is the message Psappha gives off with this announcement. For those of us unaware of them, aligning themselves with another powerful force in the UK contemporary music scene helps raise the profile of the group. 

Psappha’s 2018/2019 season starts on Thursday 27 September with a concert of Bartok, Ligeti and Lutoslawski in The Stoller Hall in Manchester.