Leeds College of Music’s new library

In the shadow of the big news in the opera world last week – the appointment of ENO’s new music director – news that Leeds College of Music’s new library will be open for business in 2017 for both students and public alike caught my eye. 

There is an assumption made without us really realising it that all the information we could possibly need can be found on the web. Who needs books when ever-scrollable pages on Grove, the Oxford Dictionary of Music or Wikipedia can serve us the knowledge we need to get us by. 

My recent visit to Bartok’s Memorial House in Budapest last week – an opportunity to take some time contemplating the working surroundings and ephemera of one of the twentieth century’s most important composers – provided both a context for the man and an appetite to delve deeper into his life and work. 

Digital content may make it easier to deliver facts and figures, but it is no substitute for deeper study, self-motivated research or scholarly works. 

The new library will house the college’s considerable vinyl archive and music collection including over 30,000 items of printed music, 11,000 CDs, 700 DVDs and 9,000 LPs plus around 8,000 books. 

I’m a little bit jealous.