#Classical365: 17 – Kodaly Cello Sonata Op.8

Today’s work has been suggested by Steve Bowbrick. Listened to it in the gym. New routine started today. Circuits. Killer. At least they seem that way first time around.

Kodaly’s cello sonata has a gritty authenticity to it that I felt Rachmaninov’s third piano concerto yesterday lacked. The contrast two between rich orchestrations in the Rachmaninov, and the apparent simplicity of a solo instrument was the most appealing element to begin with. Soon after that, it was as if the cello and the music had an almost human quality to it. There was suffering and joy coursing through the music which gave it a sense of realism. There is an appealing sense of resourcefulness about solo instrumental works which make them irresistible. It’s also a genre I wouldn’t normally gravitate to either.

The cello sonata was followed by more Kodaly – the Dances of Galanta and then the overture and dances from Smetana’s Bartered Bride.

I was listening to Zoltán Kodály’s Cello Sonata Op.8 played by Janos Starker on Spotify.