BASCA Composer Award 2017 Nominees Revealed

Advocates of an art form like me (I see myself as an advocate not an art form, by the way) bang on and on about the emotional impact music can have.

That why seeing endeavours like the BASCA Composer Awards (nominees below) aren’t merely an opportunity to attend a ‘swanky event’, more a prompt to explore new stuff free of the usual historical baggage that comes with standard repertoire.

There are a handful of familiar names on the nominees list for this year’s awards: Helen Grime, Deborah Pritchard, Sally Beamish, Stuart McRae, and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies. Delightful to see Edward Gregson appear on the list too (any wind band player will remember the man for his Festivo).

The rest are unknown to me. Glorious opportunities for new discoveries.

BASCA – the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors – describes itself as ‘an independent professional association representing music writers in all genres, from songwriting to media and contemporary classical to jazz’.

The Composer Awards are dished out on Wednesday 6 December.

It’s a BBC Radio 3 gig too. Not quite sure whether that means its being broadcast live or not. If it isn’t, I’d just like to point out at that I’ve never been to an awards ceremony before.

You know, just saying.


Amateur or Young Performers
The Feast That Went Off With A Bang by Ed Hughes
The Hogboon by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
Who We Are by Kerry Andrew

Chamber Ensemble
Khadambi’s House by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian
Skin by Rebecca Saunders
The wreck of former boundaries by Aaron Cassidy

Affix Stamp Here by Leo Chadburn
Proclamation of the Republic by Andrew Hamilton
The Temptations of Christ by Barnaby Martin

Community or Educational Project
Anything but Bland by Brian Irvine
BIRDS and other Stories by Emily Peasgood
Crossing Over by Emily Peasgood

Contemporary Jazz Composition
Loop Concerto for jazz trio & large ensemble by Benjamin Oliver
Muted Lines by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian
You Are My World by Robert Mitchell

Forest by Tansy Davies
Torus (Concerto for Orchestra) by Emily Howard
Two Eardley Pictures by Helen Grime

Small Chamber
In Feyre Foreste by Robin Haigh
Omloop Het Ives by Laurence Crane
Tuvan Songbook by Christian Mason

Solo or Duo
Inside Colour by Deborah Pritchard
Merula Perpetua by Sally Beamish
Piano Sonata No. 2 by Stuart MacRae

Sonic Art
cloud-cuckoo-island by Hanna Tuulikki
Luminous Birds by Kathy Hinde
Untitled Valley of Fear by Sam Salem

Stage Works
4.48 Psychosis by Philip Venables
Empty Hand, Peaceful Mind by Ben Gaunt
The Tempest by Sally Beamish

Wind Band or Brass Band
Anemoi by Joseph Davies
Four Études by Edward Gregson
In Ictu Oculi by Kenneth Hesketh