Proms 2009: Diary (10)

I can’t believe it’s the tenth Boo. Neither can I believe it’s just over a week before the beginning of the Proms. There’s much video editing to do before then. I’m seriously doubting I’ll get it all done before then.

There is however one very important video which has to be completed and delivered by Monday and it’s the one (fortunately) I’m working on at the moment.

Listen to the Boo here or click on the friendly and suitably stylish looking play button below.

Radio Highlights: Saturday 14 – Friday 18 March

A seriously cut down list on last week’s extensive homework …

Mark Steel’s in Town Radio 4 Wednesday 18 March 6.30pm
I spent an afternoon in the company of a former Radio 4 news editor extolling the virtues of radio over TV to an assembled crowd of shiny journalism trainees. It was a joy to listen to and reaffirmed my love affair with the medium. I’m hoping for lots of ambient sound, storytelling and useful reminder of what makes good radio in this particular piece about what makes the town of Skipton in Yorkshire distinctive, presented by Mark Steele. I hope I’m not disappointed. 

Woman’s Hour   Radio 4 Thursday 19 March 10.00am
Nora and Mira Award the Israeli/Arab-Israeli singing duo controversially representing Israel at Eurovision 2009 entry is focussed on in Woman’s Hour. Good to get some analysis of their contribution in on Radio 4. 

Crossing ContinentsIsrael’s Goodness Gracious Me Radio 4 Thursday 19 March 11.00am
With Israel & Eurovision appearing on Woman’s Hour before it, I’ve been hooked into a subject I would normally dismiss because I’m turned off by how complicated it is. Mukul Devichand seeks out contributions from the cast and writers of an Israeli TV comedy which picks out the humouress side of Arab lives in Israel. Interesting and challenging.  


If it turns out my conservative estimates as to how much radio time I have available this week change, I’ll update it here. So be sure to bookmark and check back. 



Sausages with Onion Gravy *

6 sausages
2 medium onions
brown sugar
some green beans to serve


Put the sausages in the pan with some oil. Fry them. Keep an eye on them. Don’t let the skins burn before the “meat” inside has cooked through.

Slice the onions roughly – be quite cavalier – and add to the pan. (I put some butter in at this point because I do rather like to see it bubble and foam.)  Sprinkle some brown sugar on top. Stir, stare and marvel. If necessary, add salt repeating the stir,stare and marvel cycle.

When the sausages are cooked (just poke them), start blanching a packet of green beans. When the water’s boiling, remove the sausages and onions from the pan and serve them in dishes.

Pour some already mixed instant gravy into the frying pan. Mix it all together. Pour the resulting onion gravy over the sausages and onions and serve with the beans.

We really enjoyed making and eating this and thus ended up feeling quite smug.

* Assuming my colleague Tom isn’t a vegetarian, I think he really ought to make this tonight. He absolutely deserves the comfort food.