How Radio 3 and Classic FM perform in RAJAR Q3 2018

For those that don’t know, RAJAR is the way in which radio listening is measured and reported on. Data is released on a quarterly basis.

There’s a lot of analysis about it by people who are very good at what they do. I can’t claim to provide forensic analysis in this post – instead I’ve pointed to those industry commentators.

But I thought it might be interesting to hone in on Classic FM’s and Radio 3’s performance, how each broadcaster has referred to their station’s performance, and reflect on my own listening experience in comparison.

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Review: John Suchet’s Classic FM Book – ‘Tchaikovsky: The Man Revealed’

It’s an entertaining read. Absorbing. It transports me to another world. It tells a story without clobbering me over the head with academic analysis. It offers a handy overview I didn’t realise I didn’t already have. It also provides a much-needed haven from the usual starting points I run to when digging out information about composers.

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25 years of Classic FM

Classic FM celebrates 25 years on-air this week.

I remember tuning in to listen to the station on the first day it broadcast – 7 September 1992. My birthday. The day I was doing a long shift on my holiday job at nearby Centre Parcs in Elveden. (I was a kitchen porter, if you’re interested in the detail.)

There was a sense of excitement about the launch of a new radio station, similar to the buzz when Channel 4 started ten years before. A moment in broadcasting history.

I don’t remember ever listening to Radio 3 before Classic FM started. Orchestral music was a big part of my life thanks to County Youth Orchestra and my university studies, but that hadn’t translated into dedicated Radio 3 listening. I didn’t start listening to Radio 3 in earnest for another 13 years.

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