Enjoyed some TV, radio and film over the past few days. Honourable mentions below.

The Imitation Game. Cumberbatch is brilliant – everyone knows that – and his portrayal of Alan Turing is incredibly touching. Turing’s demise is heartbreaking. The film humanises computing, endorses digital and reminds us just how much things have changed for gay men. Loved it.

Huw Wheldon Lecture. Michael Dobbs arguing the case for public service broadcasting. Difficult in places, especially if like me you’re passionately pro-BBC. Broadly supportive. Required viewing.

Media Show. Listened out for Jeremy Clarkson analysis, ended up appreciating the segment on the representation of older women in TV news. The first time I’ve heard people in their 70s and 80s talk about old age in such a way that I’m looking forward to it. Dame Joan Bakewell was particularly touching.

Artsnight. Late night BBC Two after Newsnight. It’s like Newsnight Review without the reviewers droning on. Lynn Barber fronts episode two, linking interviews and packages which clearly enthuse her. She has an engaging on-screen presence and a refreshing interviewing style. Really liked the package about how print journalism isn’t dead. So too, the interview with Mark Ronson. This might be my favourite new thing from the BBC. Don’t anyone fiddle with it. It’s perfect already.

Boy George: Karma to Calamity. Loved this. Revealing. Telling. Gutting. Live vocals on a TV show aren’t easy; Twitter is a crushing medium. The album Culture Club reunite after 30 years to make doesn’t get made. That doesn’t matter. Heroes from 30 years ago trust a producer/director to make a surprisingly daring documentary.