London 2012: It’s our responsibility now

I could have gone to the Notting Hill Carnival. I could have even gone to see my parents for a Sunday roast this Bank Holiday weekend. Instead I chose to stay home, get my haircut by a good friend (she’s a smasher with the clippers) and get my head around taking some decent pictures with my digital SLR.

Thus, our TV brought us images of Beijing’s closing Olympic ceremony. Thousands of performers convened on the Birds’ Nest who, along with countless thousand others, witnessed Boris Johnson shuffle forward and wave the Olympic flag from side to side for a while. Visual displays indulged the viewer. Fireworks fired off seemingly all over Beijing. One or two were definitely superimposed over images of the Birds’ Nest. I know. I could tell.

Then the pace changed when London got it’s corner of the stadium to tempt a global audience with what we could offer in 2012. A big red double decker bus moved it’s way around the stadium. Some of us back home winced.

Leona Lewis rose majestically above the assembled British dance troups and then, as if by magic, David Beckham appears and kicks a football which inadvertently lands on the head of one of the Chinese Olympic volunteers standing somewhere on the other side of the stadium. This doesn’t bode well.

Now, outside Buckingham Palace, thousands of excited people wave their Visa London 2012 flags as London celebrates its’ new identity: The Olympic City.

God help us.