How Radio 3 and Classic FM perform in RAJAR Q3 2018

For those that don’t know, RAJAR is the way in which radio listening is measured and reported on. Data is released on a quarterly basis.

There’s a lot of analysis about it by people who are very good at what they do. I can’t claim to provide forensic analysis in this post – instead I’ve pointed to those industry commentators.

But I thought it might be interesting to hone in on Classic FM’s and Radio 3’s performance, how each broadcaster has referred to their station’s performance, and reflect on my own listening experience in comparison.

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Winners at BASCA Composer Awards 2018

A funny thing happens when you see the human being responsible for new unfamiliar music. Sounds you assumed would alienate you when they are first introduced are given more of a fighting chance.

Tonight’s BASCA awards celebrating new music is a case in point.

Forget everything you’ve been conditioned to think of as music, and marvel at the living breathing entities who have conjured up the art they unleash.

Through their creations we hear an entirely different world: a personal statement on the world as they experience it.

I think most of us overlook that kind of achievement.

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Rob Cowan to leave BBC Radio 3 and join Classic FM in 2018

News from BBC Radio 3 tonight is that Essential Classics presenter Rob Cowan is to leave the radio station.  Cowan, who’s presented a variety of programmes during his 17 years with the BBC currently presents the weekday mid-morning programme Essential Classics.

Station favourite Ian Skelly will replace Cowan on Essential Classics, making his first appearance as co-anchor with the marvellous Suzy Klein in a live Christmas Day broadcast of the programme. 


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