Wowsers Vasily

News that conductor Vasily Petrenko is taking up the role of Music Director at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London is good news for London and slightly bad news for Liverpool I reckon.

Seeing as I live in London and it takes a while for me to get to Liverpool, I’m bound to be happy. Even so, I find Mr Petrenko’s work both appealing and reliable both on the platform and in recordings

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Review: Schoenberg’s Gurrelieder from the Philharmonia

I adored this concert. With the prospect of LSO’s Gruppen at the Turbine Hall further down the Southbank on Saturday, the Philharmonia’s season closer presented itself as a much-anticipated near-capacity event fuelled by word-of-mouth. It didn’t disappoint either. I was enraptured. Sure – I know the long-in-the-tooth reviewers will dismiss such apparent hyperbole. I know how […]

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