Book Review: Darren Henley’s ‘Creativity: Why it Matters’

On the one hand, I’m not entirely clear on this delightfully pocket-size book has been published. At £9.99 for a hardback and nearly £5 for a Kindle edition it seems a little over-priced for a message which seems quite obvious. Who is it who needs persuading that creativity needs more emphasis in our education system? And are they likely to be interested in forking out a tenner to read why?

The book highlights the ‘false division’ between science and the arts, reasserting the wider definition and usage of the word creativity. But there was a time when multiple disciplines linked up with the creative arts – think of the original title for the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences. Since then an imbalance has emerged. Its time that was reversed.

This is not to dismiss the book completely out of hand. There is something pleasing about the size of it, the solidity of it in the hand, and its hint of optimism about the future. It tackles a polarised argument. There is an inclusive feel to it. 

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Review: Schoenberg’s Gurrelieder from the Philharmonia

I adored this concert. With the prospect of LSO’s Gruppen at the Turbine Hall further down the Southbank on Saturday, the Philharmonia’s season closer presented itself as a much-anticipated near-capacity event fuelled by word-of-mouth. It didn’t disappoint either. I was enraptured. Sure – I know the long-in-the-tooth reviewers will dismiss such apparent hyperbole. I know how […]

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