Wowsers Vasily

News that conductor Vasily Petrenko is taking up the role of Music Director at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London is good news for London and slightly bad news for Liverpool I reckon.

Seeing as I live in London and it takes a while for me to get to Liverpool, I’m bound to be happy. Even so, I find Mr Petrenko’s work both appealing and reliable both on the platform and in recordings

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More composers, more music, more listening opportunities

IWD is an odd thing. It’s one of the few ‘occasions’ I’ve seen coming down the pipe on social media that I’ve risen to. I see the day as an opportunity to celebrate people who have helped me – the sort of Mothering Sunday I’d like Mothering Sunday to be but never really is. Because really, as a bloke, white and almost certainly privileged in some people’s eyes, celebrating the women who have helped me in life and career (all of them) is the very least I can do.

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Tackling gender inequality in music festivals

Last night PRS Foundation celebrated getting 45 international music industry conferences and festivals to a pledge to achieve or maintain gender balance across their events by 2022. 

Aldeburgh, Cheltenham, Huddersfield, Spitalfields and the BBC Proms all feature in the list alongside European and Canadian events, and a host of other events I wouldn’t normally consider.

A dedicated programme of international opportunities for the 60-strong membership of musicians and composers from Estonia, Iceland, the UK, Spain, and Sweden is the practical demonstration of the Keychange initiative in action. 

The event was there to make a bold, proud commitment to women in the music industry. I sat back reading the press release, skimming over the names of the other festivals and conferences I hadn’t heard of, and feeling rather small. It’s at these kind of events that classical music’s scale is put into context. Put another way, it’s at these kind of events you come to appreciate how inflated classical music’s bubble really is. 

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