Eurovision running order

Thanks to newly discovered Eurovision tweeter @eurovisionary, I was reminded of something which any self-respecting Eurovision fan should have imprinted on their brains, if not brandished on their foreheads with a hot iron. I didn’t and as a result I’m feeling embarrassed.

I speak of course about the running order for the first two semi-finals (Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 May) and the grand final, decided upon by a big event somewhere in Moscow earlier this evening.

The UK's Jade Ewen

The running order for the semi-finals is all very well. It’s terribly important Far bigger for me (forgive me for this moment of self-indulgence) is the placing the UK has landed as a result of the draw. We’ll be performing 23rd out of 25 countries on the big night.

That’s quite a good placing as far as I’m concerned. Jade gets to belt her song to the rest of Europe around about the time most people have managed to get to their parties and consume a number of beers or cocktails or vats of wine. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s shamelessly indulgent chord progressions could touch the right nerve.

Spain's Soraya Arnelas

Never before have I found myself swept along by the excitement of Eurovision as I have been this year. Never before have I given a tinkers cuss about who sings what when. It’s always been about the song. It’s all a little different this year however.

Will it be enough to persuade people to pick up the phone and vote for The Ewen come the final night? Spain might scupper things, it has to be said. Spain got to choose where in the running order they got to sing by drawing the joker (oh, the irony) before the rest of the pack this evening.

Mind you, if you’re banking on people being under the influence, they may well be swayed enough to vote for Spain instead of the UK. This assuming song number 24 isn’t a belter to beat both instead.