About Jon Jacob

In addition to producing the Thoroughly Good Classical Music Blog and Podcast, I provide a range of professional development and content production services for organisations and individuals in the arts, higher education, communications, and government.

Leadership & Personal Coaching

Coaching has had a profound impact on me as an individual – the same effect it has on the people I’ve worked with. 

I have a distinctive style. I combine fearless tenacity, with rigorous challenge and wit, to help change thinking and bring about dramatic change.

  • BBC-trained executive, leadership and personal coach, and supervisor
  • Accredited to the International Coach Federation
  • Extensive experience in corporate, higher education, arts organisations, and government departments.
  • Specialisms including resilience, motivation, workload and team management
  • Supports senior leaders, editors, and entrepreneurs, administrators, musicians, recent graduates, and writers
  • Experienced in developing strategic thinking, communication skills, and stakeholder management 

I blog about coaching and the experience of establishing my own coaching and mentoring business at www.thoroughlygood.me/coaching

Digital Content Production

  • Award-winning BBC digital editor, producer, and content strategist 
  • Experienced self-shooting videographer
  • Podcast producer, trainer and creative mentor
  • Extensive BBC experience in entertainment TV, radio, and PR
  • Music graduate and former arts administrator
  • Author of the Thoroughly Good Classical Music Blog since 2005
  • Producer of the Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast

How to get in contact

Contact me via Twitter, email at jon.jacob@thoroughlygood.me, or call on 07768 864655.

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