I don’t normally use this blog to talk about anything but classical music and related issues. But, I’m making an exception today because the clusterfuck that is Brexit has reached a pivot point this evening that from a journaling perspective at least needs to be documented.

It wouldn’t be Thoroughly Good if you didn’t get the full picture.

I’ve listened to politicians drone on about the will of the people, about the need to respect the result of the referendum, about how great swathes of society are disillusioned with the political elite which is why they voted to leave Europe in the first place.

And today, as soon as Theresa May announces she will leave Number 10, swathes of ‘arch’ Brexiteers suddenly announce the deal they rejected so roundly twice before now, they’re now happy to back. Brexit was about the Conservative Party. If you didn’t realise it before, I hope to God you realise it now.

Apparently, it will be a ‘brighter future’. It might be. But that will be by accident (if at all), it certainly won’t be by design. And it certainly won’t be for the ‘British people’. It’s about the Conservative party.

So much for taking back control. The control is in the hands of a small political elite the kind who have totally alienated people like me.

And with a completely inept opposition, I am for the first time ever, entirely unclear who exactly to vote for.

Batten down the hatches. This lot are in power for a good fifteen years yet.

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