Thoroughly Good Podcast Series 5 Ep 34: Composer James MacMillan and Tenebrae’s Nigel Short

The more Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcasts I make, the more I learn about a subject which not only yields more and more, but also satisfies both the mind and the soul.

A lot of that is down to what these podcasts are: a chance to speak to practitoners about their work, compensating for a years of missed opportunities by now living vicariously through the life and experiences of artists.

Recent episodes including the Peter Donohoe interview or the podcast spotlighting the work of composer Dani Howard are good examples. This Podcast 34 does the job well too.

It’s largely about the Holy Week Festival at St Johns Smith Square in London (visit for more information about the festival which runs from 14-20 April.

This podcast features contributions from (in order of appearance) composer James MacMillan who celebrates his 60th birthday this year and Tenebrae conductor Nigel Short both of whom appear with other artists and ensembles at the festival.

The podcast also includes a cheeky bonus follow-up question I’ve wanted to ask Nigel Short for at least a year. He was game. It’s always rather lovely to nerd out from time to time I find. Be sure to listen out for the bass notes.

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