Prince Charles in a hard hat at the Royal College of Music

I recently participated in a PhD survey investigating how descriptive text used for the blind or partially sighted, deepened the understanding sense of recall when a sighted individual listened to it and looked at the corresponding picture at the same time.

Now whenever I see a picture I can’t help thinking what the audio description would be for it. The habit of describing literally what you see does risk draining some of the joy from a visual experience. At the same time it also injects a mild bit of humour into proceedings. As with the picture above: Prince Charles in a hard hat in a partially completed room.

For those in need of a slightly more useful description …
pictured above is the 150-seat Performance Hall, The Prince of Wales, Royal College of Music’s Chairman, Lord Black of Brentwood, and a collection of RCM musicians who performed Haydn’s March for the Prince of Wales (March in E flat major HobVIII:3bis).

It’s all terribly good news for the Royal College of Music as it illustrates another milestone in their ongoing building development works.

Now it’s the fit-out and the race to pick-out highly sought-out desk positions with the nicest chairs (and other such delights I vaguely recall when I was advised I had a desk in Broadcasting House a few years back).

And when it’s complete, it’s going to be quite the cracking transformation for both building, students and public alike. Much. Excitement.

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