Be in a symphony

Take a wander around the Southbank Sinfonia whilst they play Beethoven 3 on 27 March. Also, post-concert party. Bethnal Green. See you there.

I normally balk at writing-up press alerts, a joyless process that necessitates deciphering what the message is, rewording it (to pass it off as your own), or coming up with a new angle entirely.

When you’re not deriving money from your art resentment isn’t far below the surface.

The decision to write up a PR’s email is often decided upon based on other factors. It’s worth sharing those ideas here. You know, in the spirit of full transparency.

  1. Do I like the brand?
  2. Do I like their print?
  3. Do I like the person sending the email?
  4. Do I like the idea?
  5. Is there an idea?
  6. Are they trying hard?
  7. Have they committed a massive howler?
  8. Do I want them to be better?
  9. Is there something unusual and/or engaging about what they’re sharing?
  10. Does the event include pianist Eric Lu?
  11. Do I want to attend the event?

In the case of the Southbank Sinfonia’s gig on 27th March in Bethnal Green, I am delighted to announce that seven of the ten criteria have been met. Easily.

The Sound Within (part of their deftly tagged #ConcertLab season) captures the spirit and joy of the Philharmonia’s Virtual Orchestra installation I visited in Bedford last year.

Only here, Southbank Sinfonia ventures north to the Oval Space (where I interviewed Anna Meredith for a podcast) in Bethnal Green and gives audience members the chance to wander around the orchestra as they doing their playing thing. There’s even a party at the end of it.

It’s basically like taking a trip down Youth Orchestra Lane.

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