Plans for the Centre for Music in London

Seeing as I expressed my views about Scala Radio earlier on today, I figured I’d do what I should have done last night about the plans for London’s newest concert hall.

Full disclosure. I’m not one of those buffs who slams his fist on the desk to complain about the lack of good acoustic spaces in London. Any concert hall feels like home to me.

Sure, I’m a purist, but I’m not an evangelist.

And, if I was being a complete pain in the arse, I’m not sure I would necessarily seek out where they’re looking to build the new Centre for Music. Unless, like the area around King’s Place in King’s Cross, such a development would finally make sense of the space.

Anyway. I’ve complicated this already. Basically. I love this design. I want this to be built. I want our version of Elbphilharmonie.

What do I love most about the Centre for Music? It’s the top floor (see helpful graphic above).

I want to be there now. I don’t care who plays. They can play out of tune for all I care. I want the thing to be built. Now.

Worth noting (for those who care). I didn’t receive a press release about this. You know, I don’t really have a problem about that. Not really. No. Really. I don’t.

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