Free tickets from ENO for under eighteens on a Saturday night

After my previous post encouraging the ENO Press Office to step up to the plate, I write this post in a conflicted state of mind.


Because ENO CEO Stewart Murphy appears to have lengthened his press team’s leash.

So much so that last night they’ve succeeded in securing what amounts to nothing more than an advert on the Six O’Clock News on Radio 4 for their ‘free tickets to under-18s on a Saturday night’. It’s also online.


I’m broadly in agreement with the intent of the giveaway, though I do think (as others have pointed out on Twitter) that a publically-supported organisation might do better to lower ticket prices for that age group rather than just giving them away. After all, we never value what we haven’t paid for.

More importantly for me however was the ‘journalism’ in the news report. Shame on you, Mr Sillito. Because really, it was nothing but a shameless promotion for one institution. It didn’t challenge. It didn’t present an opposing view. It didn’t provide any context whatsoever. That it didn’t is down to the journalist.

Boo. Poor show.

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