Thoroughly Good Podcast Series 5 Ep 19: Poland’s NOSPR Concert Hall and the music of Szymanowski

Recorded during the first Karol Szymanowski Music Competition staged at the NOSPR Concert Hall in Katowice, Poland.

I speak to competitors and staff, discover the hall’s distinctive acoustic and the appeal of composer Szymanowski’s music.

Contributors in order of appearance:

Ewa Bogusz – Moore NOSPR Director
Sebastian Gronet NOSPR Marketing and PR 
Marcin Majchrowski Presenter, Polish Radio 
Sulaminta Slubowska Violinist, Karol Szymanowski Competition Finalist
Tymoteusz Bies Pianist, Karol Szymanowski Competition Finalist
Maya Horvat  Violinist, Karol Szymanowski Competition Finalist

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