Royal Overseas League Music Competition 2019: applications now open

Singers, Solo Wind and Brass, Keyboard and Ensemble Prizes available in 2019

Deadline for applications Thursday 3 January 2019

It’s not just Christmas that reminds us how relentless time moves on, but competitions too. The Royal Overseas League annual music competition – the 67th – is underway, with applications now welcome online via GetAcceptd.

There are six main prizes to the competition (below). The winners of the solo prize compete for the Gold Medal and First Prize. 

  • ROSL Singers Prize
  • ROSL Solo Wind and Brass Prize
  • ROSL Solo Strings Prize
  • ROSL Solo Keyboard Prize
  • ROSL String Ensembles Prize
  • ROSL Mixed Ensembles Prize

The solo awards are open to UK and Commonwealth citizens, including former Commonwealth countries, for instrumentalists and singers up to and including the age of 30 as at 30 May 2019.

At least half, or the majority of ensemble members must be UK and Commonwealth citizens up to and including the age of 30 as at 30 May 2019. The remaining ensemble members may be of any nationality.

I have a soft spot for the ROSL competition. I tagged along as a punter for the first time this year and found it rather addictive. After last year’s winner (Jonathan Radford, pictured above) lifted the specially commissioned plate, I reflected on the unique qualities the competition

ROSL is also a rare thing in the classical music world: a well-balanced combination of occasion and spirit. It avoids pomposity by being a warm and inclusive event, at the same time as celebrating excellence. It seems to bring together the component parts of the classical music world (recording companies, orchestras, agents, and education) at the same time as maintaining a sense of neutrality.

Saxophonist Jonathan Radford wins Royal Overseas League Gold Medal 2018 (Thoroughly Good, 5th June 2018)

Listen to previous winner saxophonist Huw Wiggin and Royal Overseas League Director Geoff Parkin talk about the competition in the Thoroughly Good Podcast



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