Play it again: ‘The Ear’ returns 20th September

It’s a hard slog coming up with new ways to introduce audiences to a different musical genre. 

This one – ‘The Ear‘ – from New York has caught my eye.

‘The Ear’ is a mildly gladiatorial battle that pitches ten short pieces of new music selected from 650 submissions. Each of the ten are pitted against one another. The audience decides what new piece gets another performance and what doesn’t. The winner secures $2500.

The competition returns to New York on 20th September.

It’s an interesting notion: if you like the sound of something the first time you hear it you want to hear it again.

It’s an eye-catching idea too – selling itself as ‘The Voice’ for classical music’. I like the audience interaction and the possibility of an outlet for composers looking to raise awareness of their work. The winner gets $2000.

The Ear‘ featuring ten new pieces voted on by the audience is on 20th September in New York City. It will be streamed live with voting logged with a dedicated voting app. More details soon. 

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