Leeds Piano 2018 first round performances of second round competitors now available online

It’s as though my birthday has come early. A fortnight of blissful self-powered exploration awaits with the unveiling of Medici TV’s Leeds Piano Competition coverage. 

Filmed in April, all of the first round performances of those through to the second round are now available on a dedicated Leeds Piano/Medici website. All performances will be available for catch-up for three years, plus live webcasts presented by the best in the presenting business, Mr Petroc Trelawny. Yay. 

Enhancing not just supporting

I like having the preview material being made available now. It shows how content direction has been shaped to meet the demands of the audience rather those of the broadcaster/distributor.

Throughout the ‘revamping’ of the Leeds Competition this year, that informed approach has been reflected in the staging of events throughout the year (instead of just a few weeks before the main competition). If it’s seen to work, I think it could demonstrate how digital can enhance a brand like the Leeds rather than the strategy to date where digital has merely supported it. 

Including those who have made it through to the second round provides audiences with some exclusive content and, importantly, gives 24 pianists more exposure ahead of the competition. 

Second round competitors

Twenty-four pianists (selected from the 68 original competitors) will compete in the second round of the Leeds Piano Competition 2018 which starts on 6 September. 

With that in mind, I’ve listed the second round competitors below and will include links to each video after I’ve watched them. I’ll post a series of reviews between now and the beginning of the second round.

Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula | Switzerland first round

Evelyne Berezovsky | United Kingdom first round

Florian Caroubi | France first round

Salih Can Gevrek | Turkey

Anna Geniushene |Russia

Taek Gi Lee | South Korea

Mario Häring | Germany

Yilei Hao | China

Wei-Ting Hsieh | Taiwan

Fuko Ishii | Japan

Aljoša Jurinić | Croatia

Yoonji Kim | South Korea

Siqian Li | China

Eric Lu | United States of America

Alexia Mouza | Greece

Jinhyung Park | South Korea

Tamila Salimdjanova | Uzbekistan

Samson Tsoy | Russia

Chao Wang | China

Xinyuan Wang | China

Andrzej Wierciński | Poland

Yuchong Wu | China

Yuanfan Yang | United Kingdom

 Paul ZemenCzechia

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