Moist Eyes at the Philharmonia’s #VirtualOrchestra

Last week I visited the Philharmonia’s #VirtualOrchestra at the first location on its UK tour – Bedford.

I’ve followed the Philharmonia’s digital endeavours with a keen interest over the years, ever since the first outing of the award-winning Universe of Sound in 2012.

Universe of Sound (an immersive multi-media multi-speaker presentation of Holst’s Planet Suite) is now part of ‘Virtual Orchestra’, a free digital experience that also includes the opportunity to experience the Philharmonia in Virtual Reality.

Virtual Orchestra runs in Bedford until 10 August 2018.

During my visit to Bedford last week I got some time with Event Manager Elizabeth Howard and Director of Residencies Jonathan Mayes for a podcast – I’m hoping to get that released later this week.

In the meantime, the video at the top of this post should give you a flavour of the marvellous Universe of Sound – something which did unexpectedly prompt me to well-up on camera.

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