Wowsers Vasily

News that RLPO conductor Vasily Petrenko is taking up the role of Music Director at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London is good news for London and slightly bad news for Liverpool I reckon.

Seeing as I live in London and it takes a while for me to get to Liverpool, I’m bound to be happy. Even so, I find Mr Petrenko’s work both appealing and reliable both on the platform and in recordings.

The news came as a bit of a surprise to me, and I suspect to others. That either means I had my eye off the ball, or it really was something that few had considered.

What that really means is that the woes some gleefully commentated on when they had to issue a statement regarding Charles Dutoit back in December last year, are perhaps not quite so prescient.

Well, strictly speaking, for that statement to be grammatically correct I don’t suppose I can really say that with any authority for another few years yet. Petrenko takes up the role of RPO Music Director in 2021, and from then will continue his relationship with the RLPO as conductor laureate.

But the assumption I made in the moment of hearing the news is what interests me the most: that things are suddenly looking up for the RPO as they approach their 75th year.

So who’s applying for the RLPO job then? 

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