Recommended Classical Music Bloggers & Tweeters

In no particular order, inspired by this ranty post, here’s my list of trusted sources, beautiful writers, and recommended advocates.

It’s not exhaustive, nor final. What’s important is how it reflects not just my interests, but the style of conversation and writing this collection of lovely people below represents. 

I find myself getting quite annoyed by some in the digital space. Others – those  people who remain a constant in my appreciation of and writing about classical music – are listed below.

I’ll keep adding to this list over the coming months by the way. Feelings do change, after all.

Fran Wilson (Blog)
Christina McMaster
Andrew Morris (Blog)
Mary Nguyen

Charlotte Gardner
Ariane Todes
Ruth Elleson
Petroc Trelawny
Kathleen Adler
Ben Hogwood
Elizabeth Townsend
Rebecca Johns
Olivia Brown
Mark Berry (Boulezian)
George Chambers
LSO – Jo Johnson (Smudgewatch)
David Taylor
LS0 Maxine Kwok-Adams
LSO Gareth Davies
Tommy Pearson
Gill Graham
Snape Maltings
Michael Volpe
Deborah Pritchard
Nicholas Daniel
Jan Lisiecki
Thomas Hewitt-Jones
John Shea

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