Line Manager Update #3

I’m writing a weekly post in a series of ‘Line Manager Updates’.

It’s a way of consolidating in my own mind what’s going on in my new freelance life. In the process, I’m hoping that the stuff I stumble on helps other people who might be going through a similar experience.

In this update, more insights, successes, and things to change.

Top line: it’s been a week full of surprises; money is getting tighter; my generosity around coaching content is significantly reduced; exercising more and first steps taken to change diet; I seem to be gravitating towards arts organisations – not entirely sure whether that’s necessarily a good thing in terms of sustainability.


  • ‘moving towards’ is much better than ‘moving away from’
  • being goal oriented can stifle serendipity and client-driven agendas
  • contrary to a life of thinking otherwise, compliments are valuable
  • don’t compare; seek out difference; celebrate it
  • fledgling ideas are enriched in the company of others
  • develop ideas by testing and re-testing; no idea is right first time
  • once you’ve identified the unwanted weed in the garden, get rid of it quickly
  • corporate environments demand more energy
  • there are a significant number of people around who are basically crap
  • organisational politics are the enemy of a nimble hungry freelancer; avoid


  • commissioned to write an article – massively pleased/proud
  • came up with three pitches for article – third one was the most interesting
  • met up with 5 energetic individuals I admire who’s perspective helped shape mine
  • unexpected work offer for a short-term project over the next few weeks
  • successes have made me consider offering other services 
  • setting up a monetising platform for pay-per-view coaching content 
  • cycled 50 miles in one week 
  • drastically cut down on wine
  • published Leeds Piano Competition podcast – the best performing podcast yet
  • valuable CPD session this week 

Things to change

  • spend a bit time before each task focusing on why you’re doing X
  • is now really the right time to be doing X? 
  • can you achieve X in half an hour? 
  • plan content more 
  • coaching insights are no longer free 

Next week

  • one CD review, one interview, and a podcast clip
  • nail solid goals and see them through to completion in 30 minute blocks
  • identify out of town arts orgs and categorise NPOs
  • set up a new email subscription service because of stupid GDPR

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