Line Manager Catch-Up #2

I’m writing a weekly post in a series of ‘Line Manager Updates’. It’s a way of consolidating in my own mind what’s going on in my new freelance life. In the
process I’m hoping that the stuff I stumble on helps other people who might be going through a similar experience.

In this update, more insights, successes, and things to change.

Top line: it’s been tough, but it feels like the product is bottomed out. The unique sales process feels a whole lot more familiar. Pitching isn’t weird anymore.


  • Difference between a daydream and a goal: the former is the foundation for the latter.  
  • Working for yourself doesn’t mean working alone. You might need partners.
  • There is an industry dedicated to supporting fledgling businesses – a distraction. 
  • Am I working hard enough? I’d prefer to ask ‘am I thinking smart enough?’
  • Be patient. Your thinking develops at the pace that suits you. Strive for authenticity.
  • Selling coaching requires stamina and patience. 
  • Those who consider coaching as ‘pop psychology’ aren’t ready for coaching. 
  • Show respect at meetings by making things run-to-time. 
  • Meeting others challenges your own perspectives and helps develop your thinking. 
  • Don’t let hope for something in the future distract you from the task at hand. 
  • If something doesn’t happen then the chances are you’ve dodged a bullet
  • What’s in your circle or concern and what’s in your circle of influence?
  • What’s in reach? What’s just out of reach? What do you need to stretch for?  
  • Writing about difficult subjects is powerful and authentic. Don’t be deterred. 

Seeing ‘The Ex’


  • Two full days of contact research; one meeting and one introduction secured in 24 hours
  • Business Model Canvas exercise reinforces confidence,
  • Value Proposition exercise fuels motivation and self-belief
  • Three new coaching products and packages
    drawn up
  • Developed a service distribution strategy 
  • Updated website ‘About‘ page. 
  • Case
    study / proof of concept offers made 
  • Visited ‘The Ex’. Didn’t pine. Felt uncomfortable at the way people were hemmed in. 
  • Stumbled on a digital publishing idea I had a few months but had forgotten about. 

Things to Change

  • Meet more – face to face conversations fuel fledgling relationships
  • Devote hour-long blocks to specific tasks. Drive harder. Complete. 
  • Email more
  • Read more 
  • Tighten up the coaching explanation, and the pitch

Next Week

  • Build more Twitter lists
  • Flesh out the digital publication idea for
    entrepreneurial scheme
  • Clip up podcast and subtitle
  • Publish next podcast
  • Research out-of-London arts
  • Investigate digital production jobs (just in case)
  • Follow-up on podcasting leads
  • Coaching associate meetings
  • Tighten up the pitch and the primer



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