Line Manager Catch-Up #1

For a few weeks now I’ve posted Line Manager Updates on my Facebook page – a way of consolidating in my own mind what’s going on in my new life and, I hope, sharing that with other people who might be going through a similar experience.

This week I’m posting here on the blog – it feels like its natural home. 

Essentially, this is an accountability tool. It’s an opportunity for those of us who work in relative isolation to document successes, commit to future goals, and explore challenges and issues. Essentially, a coaching exercise (kind of).

And because it’s important to be concise I’ve included a list of things under five headlines: insights; highlights; successes; things to change; and, next week. 


  • Not every freelancer you meet is going freelance for the same reasons you are; not everyone is in the same ‘place’ you are mentally.
  • Some people move from freelance life to PAYE because they reach a point where they need structure in their life. The coaching question to remember here is what is the thing you need right now? And what is the thing the most important person in your life thinks you need right now? 
  • Be vigilant of thinking catastrophically. Such thinking patterns can crop up in unexpected places and times, and in varying degrees.
  • Thoughts and feelings influence the quality of your actions in ways you probably don’t even realise.
  • Just because some stands up and speaks about their successes running a business doesn’t mean they are the authoritative source on the subject.
  • Freelancers compare themselves to one another without even realising it. Comparing yourself to someone else is a dangerous dangerous thing.
  • Busy-ness doesn’t mean success now, just like busy-ness meant fuck all in the corporate world. Resist saying you’re busy. There’s a blog post in that.
  • Being a freelancer doesn’t mean waiting for the phone to ring. It means deciding on who you want to work with. There’s a blog post in that too.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of snatched conversations with people. If you engage fully unexpected consequences can emerge – new ideas/ renewed impetus.
  • You’re wrong about the stuff you think you’ve been running away from. You’re actually running towards something. That means – quite unexpectedly – you’re a broadly positive indivudal (very NLP).  


Research completed on Twitter and Facebook. I know the audience better now. Every person on the list could potentially stimulate future ideas. I like that idea. 

Various meetings this week. But one with [NAME REDACTED] was incredibly invigorating. An amazing woman. We’ve known of one another for years but never spent any time together. An hour in her company confirmed what all of my journalist contacts have said to me. She is an amazing force. Infectious energy. The kind of people I love being around.

Recorded three podcasts this week. I adore the process from beginning to end. I want to do more.

M’s top tip re: Line Manager Updates. Who is the character of the line manager exactly? Who would I want my line manager to be? Who would be the worst line manager (easy one), who would push me? How do I need to be pushed to deliver more? How would I reflect that in future updates?

K’s top tip re: securing future coaching work – build case studies, sell impact.

H’s (and J’s) top tip re: securing future engagements – referrals and testimonials.


  • Meetings confirmed for the next couple of weeks.
  • New ideas for future blog posts and articles.
  • Dates for future training course confirmed. 
  • Training packages drafted. 
  • Potential customer base ‘identified’ – needs fleshing out. 
  • Blog posts consistently doing well. 

Things To Change

  • Recognise when you’re tired. Stop. Do something completely different.
  • Devote entire days to one part of your business. Shut down at 5.30pm.
  • On no account watch other freelancer vlogs.

Next Week

  • Complete lists of contacts on Twitter.
  • Complete business model canvas.
  • Edit two podcasts; line up six more podcasts.
  • Draft editorial for new ‘secret’ podcast series.
  • Five classical music blog posts (two reviews); four coaching posts.
  • Complete documentation for four products.
  • Identify platforms to write for. Pitch?
  • Dedicate a day to reading about coaching

Jon Jacob is an ICF accredited leadership coach, mentor and team facilitator. Find out more about his professional background on LinkedIn.

Email him at or call him on 07768 864655.

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