Gay Star News’ Jamie Wareham interviews Philharmonia bassist Adam Wynter about life as a gay musician

Young Voices Editor at Gay Star News Jamie Wareham has interviewed Philharmonia bassist Adam Wynter about his experiences as a gay professional orchestral musician, and about the double life of Tchaikovsky.

The video is part of a week-long online celebration of LGBTI culture all over the world, taking pride to people who are unable to attend in person.

It’s an engaging watch. I like Jamie’s lack of pretension, openness and easy rapport. It succeeds in laying to rest the notion that only people of a certain age will have the curiosity to explore a new art form. And it highlights how in what is arguably a more visible time for LGBTQ professionals, some of the same questions still arise for some people about workplace dynamics, for example.

More than that, its interesting to see how the complexities of the subject are of interest to listening newcomers, and how that knowledge can easily be taken for granted by those of us who know it already. 

A charming thing, worthy of your time.

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