The Women In My Life (Revisited)

It’s two years since I put together a couple of diagrams – essentially mindmaps – capturing the names and qualities of all the women in my life who have had an impact on me.

Given that its International Women’s Day today, I thought it high time to revisit those original diagrams and update them.

Note – updates are done in blue ink, with green and orange highlights.

The process isn’t especially complicated – its essentially a coaching/awareness exercise. (Take a look at the previous post from 2016 for an explanation). In that way the diagrams are reasonably self-explanatory. What revealed itself to me this time around was what prompted me to connect up the different individuals in the first diagram – an indication of perceived likeness from my perspective.

There are, inevitably, people I’ve missed. Which is annoying. But to be honest, if I don’t draw a line under it this minute, this mini-project could go on all day – not especially good for business, you understand.

I was also surprised by how many additional people I needed to add to the chart. My assumption had been that since going freelance I hadn’t really come into contact with quite so many people as I previously had. What I now realise is that the quality of the interactions is entirely different. Free of the usual day to day distractions, connections with people become more focused, meaning strengths are more keenly felt and easier to recall.

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