Listen out for: Layale Chaker

Royal Academy of Music ‘Fellow’ Layale Chaker played at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday lunchtime. It was an unexpected treat.

Her trio – a seductive combination of jazz bass with a mysterious soulful Arab sounds – played at the Verdi Restaurant on Friday, sharing some of the music that will feature on a new album Layale is recording for release in November. I know already who’s signed up to feature them on their programmes. That says to me they’re heading for something big.

Their’s is an arresting and outward-looking sound. Other-worldly yet strangely familiar. Reassuring. Needed.

Layale is a humble appreciative sort too. That makes the music she creates all the more entrancing. I rather wished I’d spoken to her for longer.

Feast your eyes and ears on this seqeuence of Layale playing from a different gig.

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