All Shiny and New

Eagle-eyed visitors to the Thoroughly Good Blog may well have noticed an improvement in the time it takes for a blog post to load up.

This, obviously, illustrates an assumption I hold that there are people impatient to read what I have to say on this, that, or the other.

The bottom line is that there is a distinct improvement to the technical infrastructure underpinning this site. In part because I notice it whenever I publish something. And also because a trusted pal has (willingly and unprompted) stepped up to the plate, provided hosting, and moved the Thoroughly Good Blog from its former Dreamhost home to a new location on some Beastleigh servers.

Thanks to Tanya for her willingness, patience, attention to detail and uncomplicated communication style.

If you’re looking for a website, web-hosting, or uncomplicated technical web support, email her at

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