Thoroughly Good Podcast Series 5 Ep 3: Gediminas Gelgotas and Augusta Jusionytė

Lithuanian composer Gediminas Gelgotas and member of the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra Augusta Jusionytė break from recording at Real World Studios in Box near Bath, to talk about breakfasts, names and contemporary classical.

Gediminas’ piece for double bass and piano Sanctifaction is available via Spotify. Find out more at the New Ideas Chamber Orchestra website.

Listen to the podcast via RSS, Audioboom (below), Spotify, or Apple.

I really appreciated the opportunity spend some time with both Gediminas and Augusta for this podcast. I’d approached the meeting pre-occupied by how to categorise the composer’s output. To a certain extent I rather regret that, as the discussion around labels only embeds that unwitting bias we all project onto music we’re about to hear.

What surprised me was the way in which just being in the room with a group of musicians doing their thing made those labels rather redundant. The bottom line remains: does the music touch you emotionally? If doesn’t move you, then maybe it moves something else.

The next episode of the Thoroughly Good Classical Music Podcast featuring Andrew Johnson and Deborah Henry-Pollard will be available on Thursday 1 March.  

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