Penguins Arabel and Pablo treated to a Valentines fish supper serenade from Birmingham Royal Conservatoire student

Birmingham Royal Conservatoire like a good yarn. They also have a canny eye for a good photo shoot.

For this Valentines-themed event they’ve teamed up with the National Sea Life Centre, penguins Arabel and Pablo, and final year music and acting Conservatoire student Markéta Nádvorníková.

Well, in fairness, it’s not a stunt because that would be slightly exploitative of the penguins. Jonny Rudd, Curator at the National Sea Life Centre has a far more plausible justification: “With Valentine’s Day being so close to the start of breeding season it was the perfect opportunity to treat our dedicated penguin parents, in the hope we can encourage another successful period of breeding.”

Seen in these pictures donning white welly boots, is the game Markéta, along with Arabel, Pablo and friends seemingly unable to give the lovebirds (geddit?) a bit of space. There’s video too.

I’ll pass on the fish supper, thanks. I like my fish battered.

‘Meet’ the Gentoo penguin family for themselves at the Penguin Ice Adventure exhibit at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.

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