Medici TV to live stream Leeds Piano Competition; Steinway to provide the pianos

The Leeds Piano Competition (or ‘The Leeds’ as it would now prefer to be known) is a big ole’ thing.

The renowned piano competition started life in 1963 at the behest of Dame Fanny Waterman. The biennial award has helped build the careers of many of the big names in the classical music world since.

This year The Leeds is reaching a little further. It’s first round (featuring 68 hopefuls) kicks off in Berlin in April. Twenty four musicians will then convene on Leeds in early September, stay in accommodation provided by The University of Leeds, and each will have access to their own Steinway piano during their stay. That’s a considerable number of Steinways.

The entire competition will also be streamed live via Medici.TV too, adding an important now international classical music competition to the live-streaming calendar.

Most importantly for the University of Leeds, this also gives an institution in the north-east of the UK a valuable platform from where it can project a vital international image.

Tickets are available from 12 March. Very much looking forward to it.

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