Sheku tops the charts

Sheku Kanneh-Mason is popping up all over the place at the moment. In fact, he’s everywhere it seems.

This isn’t a bad thing. He’s a talented chap. He is a beacon for young people. He’s black. He’s charming. And he’s cool.

It’s a winning combination. Just what the classical music world needs right now to help it on its current trajectory.

The most recent achievement for record label Decca is Sheku’s album coming top of the specialist music charts on Friday, news Radio 3 included in their evening bulletin during In Tune.

The marketing and PR for Sheku’s debut album Inspiration has increased considerably in recent weeks. It’s been a well-drawn-together campaign with no straggly bits raising an eyebrow. The launch of his album has gone very well – the crowning moment his place in the album charts.

At the same time I’ve felt acutely more aware of the difference between Sheku the 18 year old cellist, and Sheku the product. I feel protective about the former and worry about the latter.


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