Daniil Trifonov wins Best Classical Instrumental Solo at the Grammys

News from the Grammys which did get overlooked by me was that pianist Daniil Trifonov won Best Classical Instrumental Solo.

I’m very pleased about this. As time has passed since I got to interview him over breakfast, I’ve turned into a bit of a fanboy of his. I found his awkwardness endearing and mildly alluring.

That combined with surprising eagerness to have his picture taken with him made him to perfect anti-celebrity. What transpired in the Salles des Combins in Verbier where he careered through Franz Lizst’s epic Trascendental Etudes, made him a bit of a hero.

It was an event that also opened a door to a whole new listening world for me: solo piano music.

Daniil Trifonov is an amazing musician. His recording of the Etudes for Deustche Gramophon brings back happy memories of an important moment in Verbier for me. Really pleased he’s been recognised.

This video of him playing in the NPR offices last week is definitely worth a look if you’ve not seen the great man at the keyboard before.

Listen to Daniil Trifonov’s recording of Franz Lizst’s Trascendental Etudes on Spotify

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