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Just before Christmas I wrote about how the Thoroughly Good Blog is changing in 2018.

New content, new writing, and a commitment to experimenting with different styles of post formed the backbone of my thinking. Seeking financial support from readers was central to this year long experiment.

Nearly one month on, I wanted to report back on progress, and share some thoughts which have arisen as a result.

What’s been raised so far

£80 out of a total goal of £400. That’s 20% in a month.

This may surprise you to read, but I feel phenomenally proud of that sum, not just about the money itself but the impact it has on how I regard this blog.

By people supporting the Thoroughly Good Blog in this way, the platform and the activity on it is given a legitimacy I hadn’t previously anticipated. That legitimacy provides me with momentum to press on further with developments. It shifts the blog from spare-time-passion to an awareness building activity.

The goal

I’ve been quite cautious about setting the goal too high, but seeing that people are supporting it, its worth outlining what the goal represents.

£400 is the total need to cover running costs for the blog, and associated podcast hosting, plus a little extra for travel to two important festivals this year: Aldeburgh and Edinburgh.

Not having the support won’t necessarily stop these activities, it just helps oil the wheels at a different point in my career.

Tar very much

So for those who have supported so far, take a bow and accept a firm handshake. It means a tremendous amount.


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