Philharmonia’s landmark interactive experience set for a UK tour

I know. It’s an attention grabbing headline. One of my finest. Very proud of it.

But there is much to be excited about. The Philharmonia’s virtual reality and interactive exhibition is touring the country – Leicester, Bradford, Canterbury, Basingstoke and Bedford in 2018 and 2019.

It’s a cracking experience. And I am genuinely excited about the prospect of more people across the country getting a chance to participate. Free. Powerful. Emotional. Basically, I want everyone to cry like I did. (No really, I did.)

The most chilling thing about the Philharmonia’s announcement today is the money aspect of it. I don’t question the amount – a chilling £1million to take it five cities across the UK. The money needed comes from three foundations: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (£255,180); Paul Hamlyn Foundation (£235,000), and; John Ellerman Foundation (£80,000)

I don’t think its too much. It’s a big installation, involving all sorts of technology and security too. Importantly, I think its a telling statement of the amount of money necessary to provide a moving experience to people in the digital age, and also make it free at the point of delivery. I’m very pleased to see The Virtual Orchestra has reached this point.  This kind of work takes a solid strategy and a steely nerve.

Go see it. It’s a wonderful thing. More information on the Philharmonia website.

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