Thoroughly Good Podcast Series 5 Ep 1: Pianists Christina McMaster and Tom Poster

I’m really pleased to making podcasts again.

They are special treats for me getting the chance to speak to people I admire and through conversation getting to know them a little better.

It’s me getting as close to the concert platform as I possibly can. Me living vicariously through them. Please don’t tell them that. I wouldn’t want to freak them out.

The first episode of this new series of Thoroughly Good Podcasts featuring pianists Christina McMaster and Tom Poster, was recorded at Bluthner in London.

How to Listen

Click on the play button below (obviously) or visit Audioboom to listen to the podcast or subscribe via iTunes. Spotify listing (I hope) to follow.

Episode One

We talked about the human quality of pianos, the sniffiness surrounding good tunes, and Tom’s love of animals with unusual noses.

We also learnt about some of the surprising things members of the audience do after concerts. Hint: some of them are just plain rude.

Tar Very Much

This episode and the one to follow with blogger Fran Wilson and composer Thomas Hewett Jones were recorded late last year. Test podcasts. A way of seeing whether my thinking about what these might be was sound, and discovering what the logistics were.

Warm and appreciative thanks to Bluthner for giving us some space in their showroom and making us tea.

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