Bed time

I did promise myself (and sort of promise others) that I wouldn’t pick at the scab of today’s Twitter exchange with BBC Music Magazine deputy editor Jeremy Pound.

But, after such an eventful day (that sometimes felt it would never come to an end) it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on what quickly escalated into a heated discussion featuring classical music journalism on one side and bloggers on the other side.

It became good humoured by the evening. But even then there were moments when I felt a tiny bit sad.

The one thing I probably do seek from blogging about a subject I love is legitimisation from the rest of the industry. Pitiful, I know. But as long as I’m blogging no publication is going to take my blogging efforts seriously.

That either means I should stop now, or it means I should carry on regardless.

I’m opting for the latter.

At least I know not to bother pitching to BBC Music Magazine.

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