Twenty Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today, I started a new job in London.

The day before I finished my previous job in East Suffolk, packed up the contents of my flat, and sped down the A12 in fourth gear in a clapped-out Seat Ibiza packed full of tat.

Four hours later (there was a lot of traffic) I parked up outside a house in Beckton owned by a violinst in the Royal Opera House in East London, from where a new life was scheduled to begin twelve hours later.

We’ll get to the detail in the next few weeks.

For now though what happened over the month-to-six weeks that followed twenty years ago was the most remarkable string of unexpected, unplanned, and still inexplicable experiences.

My car was packed with all sorts of things, very little of which would squeeze into the box room I was renting from my friend.

And in the CD crate, music I’d been listening to during two and half years spent in Aldeburgh.

I didn’t especially want to leave Aldeburgh. But, the pull of money and a long-term bet to sail around the world made the opportunity irresistible. The sailing idea sunk soon after I moved to London. We’ll come on to why that was in the next few weeks too.

In the meantime, take a listen (via Spotify below) to some of the music I drove to London listening to.

Brace yourself. This list is going to appear a little odd.

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