Still Godd It

The loveliest experience last night at St Catherine’s Church in New Cross:  eight quid in a taxi to sightread the Rach 2 clarinet solo in a run-through with local amateur orchestra Harmony Sinfonia.

The longing melody wafts above a bed of strings and does wonders for a bruised ego. It is the most brilliant of melodic lines written for the just the right instrument (yes, I’m biassed).

It is still an electrifying experience to know you’re the one with the responsibility to carry a line, even if it is just for two and half minutes or so.

It’s not that people are looking at you necessarily, it’s that they can hear you in that moment. And, if all the stars are aligned, then the music you’re playing has the potentially to hold someone’s attention far more than words ever will.

Such an important for me personally too. This was the work my friends gave me a recording of for my 21st birthday in 1993. And its the work I first introduced to my partner Simon to when we met in 1997. He was hooked from the first listen.

In all that time I’ve never played it. So, to capture the moment (and prove to myself that it wasn’t all in my imagination) I recorded it on my phone.

I am amazed at the tone and the quite good intonation.

It appears I still have it, as the young people say.

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