Review: Pataphysical Transmission at Planet Tree Festival

An eclectic mix of obscure sounds played out from a range of speakers position throughout a dimly lit church may not immediately present itself as a go-to gig. If it doesn’t, you’re probably not a curious imaginative being. No judgement here. But, give it a go.

I did last night at the final gig in Hampstead’s Planet Tree Festival – a melding of music and mindfulness that appealed to like-minded people in search of music-inspired self-reflection.

Pataphysical’s production had an endearing modesty to it – three technicians in the centre of Rosslyn Chapel around which eager attendees layed-out on mats staring up at the inky-black roof above them.

I was surprised at the way the eery soundscape around me triggered my imagination. It also seemed to hold up a mirror to some dark emotions too.

This was a visceral experience, with an intensely primal feel. The most powerful element was the feeling of togetherness with everyone else there – total strangers communing around a love of sound and the possibilities which emerge from it.

Pataphysical Transmission appear Cafe Oto, Dalston on Wednesday 13 December.

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