Nice work, Global

I always recall fundraiser days being a cue for inexorable feeling of fear and dread. It wasn’t that I didn’t see charitable endeavours like Children in Need as important.

Of course they were. They remain so too. But there was always a feeling of desperation about such days. As though anything was allowed to happen on a charity fundraiser day – because the focus was the money, not the quality.

Commercial broadcaster Global (home to Classic FM) had its charity fundraiser today – Make Some Noise. A sufficiently broad call to arms to make even the least musical individual feel included.

Today’s unexpected treat was seeing Jennifer Pike play solo in Global’s Leicester Square reception (above) live on Facebook.

Classic FM are rapidly securing themselves as the brand at ease with ad-hoc live streams that convey a bit of an engaging amount of spirit. They seem to crop up in all sorts of places doing the same thing. Today was a shining example.

At the time of writing Global have raised an impressive £3.5million.

And the truth is, seeing all the pictures of people clubbing together to do silly things for a fundraising effort, makes me go all dewy-eyed recalling the night I unexpectedly got the chance to pap Steve Strange. Note. He was quite drunk.

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